Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MusicSlinger's Comment Submissions

I'm interested in finding new music and I'd like to hear what you think is your best.  This is not a competition, there is no prize, its just for mine and your benefit - I'll advertise it out to the best of my MusicSling-ing ability.  Here's how it works.

Submit a URL to your song (youtube or other video site, blog site, etc.)

And I'll:
1.  Review it.  I'll post it on the right sidebar under @MusicSlinger Comment Submissions.
2.  If I like it or think its worth writing a separate Blog post about I'll do so.
3.  Retweet it.  I have several followers that'd be interested in hearing it, I'll tweet and retweet it.  If I really like it I'll retweet it like a crazy man.

Just so you know what kind of reach I have, I submit via stumbleupon and when I retweet it for several days the response I get is pretty good (picture below - a song from a friend)



  1. Whats up Music Slinger. My name's Toussaint Sam and I see your interested in hearing some songs. The song I have is Kings In Our World(prod by SoSprung) Here's my soundcloud link: I appreciate ya listenin.

  2. Toussaint Sam, I did listen to your tune and I really liked the production; the music is strong, the song is emotionally engaging, the chorus has promise. It'd sound great if you had some harmonies going higher (maybe female). I did like it. Thanks @musicslinger